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Radiant Health Rejuvenation Retreats
Individual or Couples 1-4 days

(At your home or our Kauai location)


A custom retreat based on the individual or couple’s intentions.


       intentions create reality. at the gateway of this life changing retreat you will create your intentions thus actually forming your experience. you can have it be a time of fun, healing specific health/emotional issues, deepening self-love, connection with your partner, weight loss or whatever you are interested in creating in your life. the idea is to ‘up the ante’ on how much bliss, freedom and fulfillment you allow yourself.


Common Benefits:

       Ultimate relaxation with invigorated aliveness

       Lose weight/gain the body naturally balances

       Increase bliss and feel GREAT

       Learn to live healthier day to day

       Being more comfortable in your skin

       Healing of specific health or emotional issues

       Deepen self-love/be more loving

       Be in your Radiantly Healthy body

       Refine and fine-tune your lifestyle

       Learn to prepare foods that give you the energy and the body you want


Imagine you are the most radiantly healthy, fulfilled being you can be.

Now breathe into this image and increase the brightness and the volume

of this image of yourself. What would you look like and how do you feel?

 This is what is available for you out of receiving a personalized rejuvenation retreat with Darci Frankel. The only limits are those which are self-imposed.


What does a Radiant Health Rejuvenation Program look like?


During our time together we will progress from activity to activity. The events unfold based on your intentions as well as my experience, wisdom and intuition.  Your flexibility, openness and receptivity will determine how much you receive from this valuable work.  Whether you are interested in losing weight or becoming enlightened, or both, I'm sure, you will find our time together valuable, life changing and fun.

For Couples:

I guide couples gently and safely to deeper levels of intimacy, teaching them how to: listen better, be healthier together, receive and give the love they want and improve the quality of their connection. There may be practice of guided meditations, partner yoga, process work, learning and practicing communication skills. Again, it is all based on the quality of intentions of each individual.

Modalities may include and not limited to:





       Process work

       Breathing Techniques

       Rejuvenation techniques

       The yoga of working out or (whatever sport you practice)

       Massage during yoga postures

       Health and well-being education

       Repetition of healing sounds (mantras)

       Gathering, preparation, education and eating delicious foods ~ Divine Cuisine

      Creating healthy and sacred space in the home (Feng Shui)

       Kitchen ~ Creating practical space and foods which support a healthy lifestyle.

       Ayurvedic pulse analysis (determines the condition of the internal organs/systems)

       Ayurvedic consultation to support positive life-style changes.


Price per person or per couple ~ day $300 (3hrs)       

$500 Per day Approximately 6 hrs.


Payment policy: To hold your space, A 50% credit card deposit is required.
Direct line 808.


Logistics: At your location a minimum of 4 days is required.

Travel, accommodation and meal expenses are handled by the client.

At our location, accommodations at the Hanalei Colony Resort or nearby


The birth of Radiant Health Rejuvenation Programs


Radiant Health Rejuvenation program arose out of an intensive month long personal rejuvenation retreat that I gave myself when i first moved to the garden island of Kauai, Hawaii. During this time of intensified spiritual practices a deeper level of clarity revealed, much information came through, on all levels. There was deep emotional healing, expansive silence, bliss, spontaneous exercise, my body got stronger and even more alive, seriousness at play happened a lot. A letting go of beliefs, people, stuff and thoughts that were not aligned with my true self occurred.  A deepened commitment to my wellbeing on all levels occurred. It was a time where connection with Self deepened profoundly.

I have been facilitating people in personal transformation for years. Through this next level of my wholeness and clarity I realized that working with people on a one to one intensive basis, from 3 –6 hours daily utilizing a spontaneous flow of modalities is most life changing. So as we become more whole, integrated beings our work takes on deeper meaning and satisfaction.   I am ecstatic to be able to share this work with you!


A personal note & About Darci’s work

I do this work is because I derive great pleasure from guiding people to radiant health. I support all people being happier, healthier and more successful in their work and in relationships.  I honor where each individual is now and support them to reach their highest potentials using the gifts and talents that I have been given. It is a challenge to describe what you will experience while working with me, it is truly an attempt at describing the ineffable, because we are all so different.  I look forward to working with you on your path of wholeness.


What people have to say about Darci Frankel


“Darci possesses an excellent background in the healing art.  She combines many years of experience in Yoga, massage, and Ayurveda along with her dynamic presence she brings these arts alive for her students.”

Ann Harrison Ayur-Yoga Department Manager, Ayurvedic Institute, N.M.


“Darci has extensive knowledge and knows how to present it. She shares her wisdom unselfishly and with passion.” Alan Palmer D.C., C.C.S.T., Scottsdale, AZ


Radiant Health Awaits You at The Ayurveda Center of Hawaii & Hanalei Day Spa

You'll love visiting our unique location and cherish the individual attention and quality service you'll receive when you are here. Choose your favorites from a list of a la carte treatments, Ayurveda consultations and retreats for individuals, couples and groups.

Your radiant health is only a phone call away. Call Darci Frankel directly at (808)635-9726 or at the Spa 808-826-6621. Or e-mail us at HanaleiDaySpa@gmail.com and get ready to begin your journey to greater well-being!


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