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"After only 4 days the ache in my hip and low back is almost gone."

"I have been to many health care professionals to help me with my cravings for sugar and foods, after 7 days here I am not craving sugar or anything!"

"I thoroughly enjoyed my 7 day panchakarma retreat with you. I loved your attention to detail. I felt cared for and deeply nourished by the treatments. This is my 2nd year and I will come back every year! Thank you!"

"I had been in muscular pain for years, I have no pain anywhere after my 7 day Pancha Karma retreat. My doctor is impressed!"

"I have received these treatments at another facility it was big, luxurious and had a lot of other people attending at the same time. But I really love how your center focuses on the individual. I felt so comfortable and not rushed like I did at the other place. You also spent more time withÝ me personally and your prices are better, you get more for your money here. Thanks for making a comfortable space with individual attention. Keep up the good work, I'll definitely be back next year!"

"I feel I have rid my body of many impurities, I'm relaxing and sleeping better. Thank you again for your kind, healing manner and touch."
Love, Margaret

"I have experienced an overall softening in my body/mind."

"I have a sense of overall well being at my core."

"Pancha Karma has helped my digestion, eliminated headaches and pain that I had in my jaw (TMJ). I feel peace of mind and I am more in tune with the needs of my body. Darci created a supportive, nonjudgmental environment- it was wonderful."
-Renu Chawla, AZ

"I enjoyed these oil massages, they were the best I have ever had."

"My husband and I visit The Ayurvedic Center every other year, we love it!"

"I know this 7 days has been one of the best investments i have ever made into self discovery. Thank you , you are an angel."

For anyone considering pancha karma, I highly recommend Darci Frankel at the Ayurvedic Center.  I was a little nervous about what pancha karma would be like, but Darci was so patient and helpful in explaining everything to me and making me feel comfortable.  She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of Ayurveda, and she is able to explain things in an understandable way.  The oil massage was something I looked forward to each day - lots of warm oil and two people doing synchronized massage felt absolutely wonderful!  Darci was so thoughtful and considerate during my pancha karma.  I feel my pancha karma experience was a success, and the benefits continued to manifest for about 6 weeks after I returned home.  I now feel so much better, physically and mentally, than I did before pancha karma. I look forward to visiting Darci again in the future!

Karen Hall
Author, Illumination - Inspiring Stories about Finding the Silver Lining

"Darci combines many years experience in Yoga, Ayurveda and massage along with her dynamic presence she brings these arts to life for her students. Darci is very dedicated to her profession. She possesses an excellent background in the healing arts".

Ann Harrison
Ayur-Yoga Department Manager
Ayurvedic Institute, New Mexico

"I have known Darci over the last 10 years. I always enjoyed adjusting Darci. I considered her to be an essential practice member (when she lived/practiced in Miami) and I appreciate her for her refined physiology and ability to reach high levels of care.

Darci has been an accomplished yoga teacher, Ayurvedic practitioner, seminar/workshop leader and body worker over the last 15 years. The most outstanding quality for me is her high level of integrity and commitment to growth and development.

In my opinion, Darci takes good care of herself, she is responsible in that she listens and follows her inner wisdom and teaches others how to do the same."

Alan Horowitz D.C.,
Network Chiropractor
Gainesville, FL

"Darci Frankel is beautiful in more ways than you can shake a stick at, and she has a magic touch. She has discovered through honest contact with people that the secret to the good life has to do with noticing, discovery and being present in the moment-rather than moralism, righteousness and knowing the right formulas. Besides that, she often IS right and she knows a lot of pretty good formulas.

She doesn't should on you, she just gives you information, experience and freedom to choose.

Darci will deliver you into enlightenment and sound health and happiness in a flood of tears and laughter. I love Darci. Unless you are some kind of crackpot nut case right wing mind-jailed idiot you will too (in which case she will send you to me, and I am not nearly as pretty or nice). Go see Darci Frankel. Give her money, do what she says."

Brad Blanton, author of "Radical Honesty" and "Practicing Radical Honesty: How to Complete the Past, Live in the Present and Build a Future with a little Help from Your Friends." www.radicalhonesty.com

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