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10 Day Pancha Karma Group Retreats

Upcoming 10 day Pancha Karma Group Retreats:

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Pancha Karma is an affordable, customized rejuvenation retreat program, which systematically purifies and rejuvenates the tissues of the body.

Your all Inclusive, Custom Package Includes:

  • 10 days, 9 nights beautiful beachfront accommodations on the north shore of Kauai.
  • Single or double occupancy (extra charge for single occupancy).
  • Three meals per day; delicious, organic and healing.
  • A full 7 days of the life changing cleansing/rejuvenation program Pancha Karma which includes all the following;
  • Several hours of Ayurvedic consulting sessions: preparation, initial, daily consultations and completion consultations
  • Daily Pancha Karma 2-3 hours of luxurious body treatments. 2 hrs for basic PK, 3 hrs with Shirodhara*. Luxurious daily traditional Ayurvedic massage (abyanga) treatments with two experienced therapists, using warmed herbalized oils.
  • Cleansing procedures are administered when the body is ready.
  • Rejuvenative supplements are suggested during your completion consultation (at the end of your Pancha Karma Retreat).
  • Pancha Karma notebook journal.
  • Time to rest, relax, reflect, journal, smile!

Prices may vary on accommodations availability. Prices are subject to change.

Description of the retreat:

The 10 day Pancha Karma retreat includes 7 days of actual Pancha Karma treatments. Two days before treatment begin to settle in and enjoy the process, have the initial consultation, be in the optimum daily routine while letting go of one's usual busyness. Then there is a day at the end to continue on with the daily routine and have the completion consultation.

This is a healing vacation. An intentional departure from everyday doing, responsibilities and environment. The intention is BEING! A vacation where you don’t need a vacation from it when you return home. In fact it is a time to catch up with yourself, emotionally, mentally and physically. 

It is a time of solitude, rest meditation, reading and going deeper into your self. For most people this is a new experience, or something they have not allowed themselves this in a long time. It is a well-needed break from society, the barrage of advertising, and a rest for the digestion system with our simple meals, in a clean, healthy environment. We humbly request that you understand this and give yourself the time to really dive in, enjoy the food, the treatments, yoga, enjoy your unfolding process, meeting any resistance with an open mind and heart.

Pancha Karma cleansing and rejuvenation retreat adds years to your life and eliminates the damaging impurities that are the root cause of disease!

Other charges may be applicable depending on optional services that are either suggested or of your choice or if there is a need for herbs to be used during your individualized program.

  • Private yoga session - $100 per hour
  • Ayurvedic lifestyle Counseling -
  • Personal lifestyle Counseling -
  • *Shirodhara - A profoundly relaxing treatment of a continuous stream of warm oil is poured on to the third eye area of the forehead. This treatment is said to reduce tension, stress, nervousness, insomnia and excess vata dosha. - $100.00 45 minutes $125 for 1 hour
  • Inhalation treatment - Herbal steam inhaled, said to strengthen the respiratory system and open the higher channels of the mind - $45.00

Pancha Karma Retreat is.........

A place to eliminate stress, rediscover yourself and recharge your batteries. Give it to yourself!

Our focus is on quality, comfort and individual attention.

All levels are welcome, no experience necessary!

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