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Welcome to Your Ayurveda Consultation

Your Ayurveda consultation provides you with important information on how to customize your daily habits to enhance your quality of life. 

Services Offered

In-person, phone or Skype consultation: $150.00 (per1.5 hours)

         Keep a legible lifestyle diary, daily for 5 days and get this to the Center's director, Darci Frankel, at least 5 days before your consultation. Documenting your lifestyle habits serve two main purposes: 1). It brings you an increased awareness of your habits, which can sometimes be unconscious. 2) It is a wealth of information, which adds to your consultation, saves us time and saves you money. So remember to document it!
       Please compile a legible or TYPED list of the personal health history beginning with birth, parents health history, ladies please include gynecological information. 

* Print out our lifestyle diary, then fill it out and fax or HanaleiDaySpa@gmail.com it at least 5 days before your consultation.
(Adobe Acrobat Required. Download Acrobat Reader for Free).  

If you're joining us for an in-person Ayurvedic consultation, 
your time also includes an Ayurvedic physical including a pulse analysis 
which determines the condition of the internal organs/tissues as well as
other subtle energies. You will leave your consultation with 
recommendations on how to align your body, mind and spirit 
with your optimal health.

Pre-consultation suggestions (for in-person sessions):

         Please do not eat for 1-2 hours before arriving for your consultation.
         Please do not wear make up, nail polish or perfume to your consultation.
         During the pulse assessment you will be asked to relax and obtain a meditative frame of mind.

         Please be ready to make changes in your life.


During Your Ayurvedic Consultation

A healthy lifestyle includes all aspects of life -- health of body, mind, spirit, emotions and environment. To cultivate radiant health, it is best to give equal attention to your diet, rest, healthy relationships and communications (without omitting any of them). 

The suggestions offered during your consultation depend on your commitment to your health and well being. It is best to schedule an appointment when you are ready to make some lifestyle changes. You will know when you are ready; you will have a desire to refine your life, and health. Darci will work with you at your pace and together you will work as partners in your healing process.

Some possible lifestyle suggestions you may receive include (make a note of which ones you are interested in):

         Yoga postures


         The use of certain spices, herbs teas, color, massage oils, and/or aromatherapy.

         What foods to avoid vs. preferred foods you should include in your diet.

         Recommended reading

         Pancha Karma

         Ayurvedic massage or other types of body work

If you're joining us for an in-person Ayurvedic consultation, your time also includes an Ayurvedic physical with a pulse analysis. You will leave your consultation with recommendations on how to align your body, mind and spirit with your optimal health.  

You'll love visiting our unique location and cherish the individual attention and quality service you'll receive when you are here. Choose your favorites from a list of a la carte treatments, Ayurveda consultations and retreats for individuals, couples and groups. 

To schedule your phone or in person consultation, call the 
Ayurveda Center of Hawaii at 808.826.6621

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