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Benefits of Pancha Karma:
  • Enhances strength, energy, vitality and immunity
  • Delaying old age
  • Releases fatigue
  • For all vata diseases
  • Relieves pain/tension in the body
  • Increases the capacity and strength of the eyes
  • Promotes all tissues, increases body strength
  • Adds years to life and life to years
  • Brings normal sleep
  • Strengthens and vitalizes the skin
  • Protects skin from infection
  • Increases immunity
  • Clarity of mind, lightness in the body and calmer emotions.
  • Feeling more youthful and buoyant.
  • Receive deep healing.
A~Z Commonly Reported Benefits from receiving Pancha Karma:

A clear mind
Better elimination
Deeper relaxation
Eliminated years of toxins
Feel much better in body, mind & spirit
Gained years to my life
Healed emotional issues, hair is shinier and healthier
I have better digestion
Just feel great
Kapha decreased
Look younger
My skin is more supple, less wrinkled
No more bad breath
Perfect health
Quiet stillness
Reduced; pain in my back & body, lymphatic congestion
Strengthened immunity
The body is more flexible and open
Understanding how I can better take care of myself
We will receive Pancha Karma every year from now on
eXtra insight and intuition
You get a better sense of smell and taste
ZZZ better sleep

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