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The language of Ayurveda is in Sanskrit, an ancient and rich dialect of the sages and seers of the past. It is also the potent language of mantra. Whereby uttering the syllables, we resonate, activate and strengthen areas of our physical body.

A prayer to SHRI Danvantari (the Vedic bringer of Ayurveda)

(Phonetic spelling of prayer:)
aum sankham chakram jalaukam dadhad amruta ghatam charu dorbis chatturbhih suksma svachhati hrdyamsuka parivilasan maulim ambhoja netram. kalam bhodojjvalangam kati tata vilasach charu pitambaradyam, vande dhanvantarim tam nikhila gada vana prauda davagni lilam.

Salutations to Him, Danvantari, who is holding with his four arms: a conch, a wheel or disk of energy (chakra), a leech and a pot of amrita (celestial ambrosia). In whose heart shines a very subtle, clear, gentle and pleasing blaze of light. This light also shines all around his head and lotus eyes. Who by his mere play destroys all diseases like a mighty forest fire.

Quotes from the ancient scholars and books on Ayurveda

The six main factors to promote longevity, strength, nourishment, happiness, pleasure and liberation according to the scholars of Ayurveda are:

  1. Non Violence, ahimsa, to promote longevity

  2. Reproductive vitality to promote strength

  3. Knowledge to promote nourishment

  4. Control of the senses to promote happiness

  5. Knowledge of reality to promote pleasure and enjoyment of life

  6. Celibacy to promote liberation

Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana, chapter 30, 9-15

All therapies fall into two main categories, nourishing (santarpana), and depleting (apartarpana).
-Ashtanga Hridayam Su: Ch 12 verse 1

One who knows how to reduce, nourish, dry, oileate, foment, and use the astringent therapies is the real physician.
-Charak Su:Ch 22 verse 4

What are the causative factors of disease?

Causative factors of disease are:

  1. Intellectual blasphemy, going against what we know to be right.

  2. Unwholesome use of the senses (overuse, under use and abuse).

  3. Seasonal variations

What are their cures? What is the cause of happiness? What is the cause of sorrow? How can the recurrence of disease be prevented after their manifestation?


All diseases can be cured in three ways through:

  1. Correct knowledge

  2. Wholesome contact with the senses

  3. Seasonal normality

-Charaka Samhita, Sarirasthana, Ch 2, 39

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