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The Ayurveda Center of Hawaii and the Hanalei Day Spa
are located on the lush north shore of Kauai in the state of Hawaii.

The Center's main focus is the healing science/art of Ayurveda. However, you do not have to know about Ayurveda in order to benefit from an Ayurvedic massage, other healing treatments, or a consultation. In fact, every person's experience is different, which is what Ayurveda is all about. You begin the journey exactly where you are. Then, director Darci Frankel custom tailors it to fit your unique needs.

What makes your visit with us so special? You'll enjoy:

         Our location - join us on a beautiful 5-acred beachfront resort.

         Clean air. There is no pollution here. In addition to the fresh air, you'll find friendly people, farmers markets with organic produce, an abundance of waterfalls, and incredible rainbows, pristine beaches.

         Pampering yourself at the Hanalei Day Spa with therapeutic massage. Or, choose The Ayurveda Center of Hawaii -- for those who want to go deeper.

         Individual attention. As a small wellness center, we take the time to focus on your particular requirements.

         Experienced professionals. Darci Frankel, director and founder, has almost two decades of experience in facilitating Pancha Karma rejuvenation programs. Her trained, experienced staff guides you every step of the way. In addition, the center has been operating for 10 years (under Darci's guidance) on Kauai, in Arizona and South Florida.

You'll love visiting our unique location and cherish the individual attention and quality service you'll receive when you are here. Choose your favorites from a list of a la carte treatments, Ayurveda consultations and retreats for individuals, couples and groups. 

Your radiant health is only a phone call away. 
Call us today at 808-826.6621
and get ready to begin your journey to greater well-being!

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